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Lightweight audio player for OSX.

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Martin is a lightweight open source audio player for OSX.

You point it to your music folders, and Martin displays them in the tree pane on the left. Your files and folders are scanned and kept in internal library, which makes searching and browsing fast. Folders are watched for changes automatically.

Playlists are displayed in a tabbed interface.

There is support and some global shortcuts for controlling playback.

I've been working on Martin because I couldn't find anything out there to my liking. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. I apologize in advance for any annoying bugs that you may encounter.


Release notes:

Keyboard shortcuts and hints

While in search field:

On selection:

While in playlist:


Use Command+drag to create a new playlist while dragging from tree or another playlist. Other keyboard shortcuts should be discoverable through menu and context menus.